How does calcium and corrosion get stuck on the windows?

Windows should always be cleaned to maintain the integrity of the window. Having a great clear view through your windows is a great benefit and makes your home look and feel clean. In addition, it is important to also clean and lubricate the seals. If not, the seals will dry up and begin to crack which can lead to water leaks. On double pane windows, between the panes is nitrogen gas. If the seals leak, the gas will escape, and moisture will find a way in between the windows leaving what looks like streaks or runs down the window. Many times, it will also become hazy to see out of. Lastly, minerals from rain, pollution, sprinkler water that carries calcium, and other elements can build up on the window. If this is not removed, the sun will bake in the impurities, and it can be very difficult to remove. It is recommended that you clean your windows at least on an annual basis to prevent damage.