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Tall building exterior cleaning

There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes when it comes to cleaning windows, whether it is for small three-story buildings or skyscrapers. Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when performing a job, not only for the safety of the staff, but also to avoid damages to the property.

What happens to windows when sparks hit them?

How to identify “Welders Lag” on windows?

When contractors are welding or grinding around windows, the sparks and hot metals produce burns on the glass, leaving behind blemishes on the windows. This can be removed by restoring the glass with a polisher, different grits of sandpaper, and compounds. Many times, this solution is cheaper than replacing the entire window. The same process can also repair scratches and graffiti removal from acid pens left by unwanted artists.

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Commercial glass corrosion

Arizona is known for its hard water and the damage it can cause to glass surfaces. Sprinklers and shrub bubblers are the most common reasons why corrosion ends up on the glass. The heat increases the reaction time for corrosion development. Yes, sadly the minerals corrode the glass surface, and it needs to be restored. Chemical treatments, such as a Winsol 550, Sorbo powder, and Spot Fade, are effective at removing surface corrosion, but will not remove stage 2 corrosion. Up until recently, stage 2 corrosion was thought to be the final straw for the poor damaged window before it needs to be replaced. Newer procedures include the use of grinders and soft abrasive pads designed for hard-water stain and graffiti removal from the glass.

Clean D Window Cleaning & Power Washing is proficient in assessments, treatments, and prevention of hard water build-up on your facility. Learn more about THE SCIENCE OF GLASS and the process of how corrosion affects glass...