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Clean D Windows offers top notch commercial cleaning services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Tucson, and surrounding areas. As a professional cleaning company, our staff is fully trained and proficient, therefore we are the perfect match in exterior facility cleaning needs for professionally managed buildings. Since we are high rise specialists, we are called upon to assist with a variety of hard to reach tasks and exterior maintenance. Below, you will find details for our general commercial cleaning and building maintenance services. Clean D Window Cleaning comes highly recommended for providing the highest quality exterior cleaning and unmatched customer service.

  • Window Cleaning most current cleaning procedures to produce an efficient, cost-effective and safe means to clean windows and glass surfaces. Window cleaning is considered industrial building maintenance that is required to protect building owner's capital investments. Pollution from smog, dirt and other impurities will damage your windows over time, especially in this hot Arizona sun. Weather-stripping and rubber seals become dry and fail as they expand and contract. Regular window cleaning will insure windows are kept in the best condition possible.

  • Pressure Washing - The use of pressurized water to clean hard surfaces; remove unwanted grime, graffiti or staining using hot or cold water. Proper nozzle selection will produce a deep cleaning that will not damage the surface that is being cleaned. Here at Clean D Windows, we us mobile and trailer mounted power washers that produce hot or cold water cleaning. Pressure washers use hand held wands and telescopic poles for higher cleaning. Spot treatments with industrial de-greasers are also great for removing stubborn staining.
  • High Rise Building Maintenance - We are an access specialist company that can assist in a variety of exterior building services. There are not many companies with our capabilities. Our staff is well trained in the proper use of swing stages, building maintenance units (BMU's), boom trucks and bosun chair to reach elevation. Other tools include a high rise cleaning machine that use purified water or long poles to clean windows that are hard to reach from the ground. Choose a company that is properly trained and insured is essential when performing these tasks.
  • Construction Cleaning Service - Post construction cleaning is the detailed task of removing debris from new construction or remodel renovations. Our professional cleaners are trained in proper techniques in removing construction material from window, mullions and frames components of these type of projects. We can identify manufacturing debris issues if present, and execute a cleaning process that will have top notch results saving time and money. These windows will shine and be ready to turn over to ownership.
  • Window Specialty Services - We consider ourselves "GLASS EXPERTS AND SPECIALISTS". We are the only cleaning company in town that can maintain every aspect of your windows. Have scratched glass? We can save you more than 70% on glass replacement with our glass restoration services. Have a problem with etched glass from our local artists? No worries, we can remove the etching as if it was never there. We are your A to Z window cleaning company that will remove corrosion, repair scratched or etched glass, access and clean ANY window regardless of location and height and will find and repair leaky windows if needed.
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A variety of services for your commercial and residential property needs. Your one source solution for everything windows.

Window Leaks & Repair | Window Repair & Restoration | Suspension System & Testing

  • Window Leak and Repair - Leaks can cause significant problems and can damage the internal structures and building finishes. Once a leak intrusion is discovered, using the correct professional-grade sealant will ensure a repair that will last. We use Dow products for window and frame systems with characteristics that produce a tightly sealed joint. Perform Leak Testing | Repair Water Intrusion | Window Seal Repair | Leak Detection

  • Suspension System - Requirements for anchors, davits and fall protection were updated by OSHA in 2017. Be sure to stay in compliance with federal standards and protect your contractors by having a competent person do a site evaluation annually per OSHA. 10-year inspections are also required to maintain safe access equipment by putting a load of 5000 lbs while inspecting for cracks, defects and flex on the equipment. High Rise Building Safety | How to test Anchors & Davits | High Rise Window Washing Equipment
  • Solar Panel Cleaning - Solar panels are great investments to properties wanting to lower their cost of power. To keep your power system efficient, routine solar panel cleaning and maintenance is required. Give us a call today for a service evaluation and maintenance cleaning cost. Solar Panel Maintenance | Solar Panel Washing | Solar Farm Maintenance | Solar Panels Cleaning on Commercial Properties
  • Glass Corrosion Restoration - Arizona water and heat are harsh on windows and will advance the rate of damage to glass surfaces. Building materials such as aluminum, Alucobond paneling and brick or concrete minerals will run onto the glass after rains and cause oxidation on the windows. It is much cheaper to treat the corrosion than it is to replace a window. Yep, those aluminum louvers and shades look great and block the sun, but also WILL damage the windows if not maintained. Calcium Removal | Oxidation on Glass | Science of Glass | Restoration of Windows and Glass Surfaces
  • Window Scratch & Etching Repair - Trying to find a contractor that can repair damaged glass? There are not many of us and we are the only cleaning company is Arizona that is truly your one stop source for everything windows. We can restore your glass surfaces that have scratches, acid etching and graffiti, advanced corrosion, distortion or any other window surface issues. Why pay for a new window when our professional services include window repair! Restore the window to brand new and save a ton of money on window replacement. Glass Repair | Window Scratch Removal | Remove Graffiti Stains from Windows | Repair Windows with Welders Lag | Commercial Glass Repair

Having the right window cleaning tools paired with an experienced window washer on your side is a feather in your cap. Experience working with a professional company with capabilities that far exceed other companies.


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  • Excellent safety record and NO OSHA violations
  • Client Portal Hub - make requests, see quotes, and pay invoices, service history and more.
  • Veteran Owned Commercial Cleaning Contractor - Local window cleaning contractor that knows your local economy and facilities management professionals.
  • Proud Members of local and national trade organizations including BOMA , AACM, IWCA trained, OSHA 10 hour certified, aerial equipment certifications
  • Service notifications - Before service email and/or text and one when we have completed service
  • Bringing the highest level of customer service around
  • Insurance coverage to support any requirements
  • More capabilities than any competitor!

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Work with the safest high rise window cleaners in town. Our cleaning services are across the Phoenix metro including major cities like Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson.

Experts in cleaning services within budget - no hidden costs

Providing superior quality cleaning services to Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, and surrounding areas. Bringing a top-notch service to all commercial, Home Owners Associations (HOA), construction sites, and more!

What is important to you when making a selection to work with a cleaning company? Cost is probably the factor that most customers are wanting to find out first. We are efficient at what we do and since time is money, we want to find the most proficient way to perform the task. Here's how we do it. We have a large arsenal of window cleaning and hard surface cleaning tools to choose from. Once a selected plan of service is established, we need to determine what tools are required and determine if there are any costs associated with rentals, set up and tear down of equipment, and direct labor needed to complete the service. Our capabilities are hard to match. It is our goal to provide the highest level of service at the most cost-effective means to the customer.

While the process of cleaning windows can be fairly similar between companies, the way professional cleaning companies operate can vary tremendously. Here at Clean D Window Cleaning, we emphasize each process of our customer's experience. Here are a few items we think make us different.

We can be reached by phone or email, you can fill out a request for quote/service form, connect with us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn and finally if you are a current customer or have worked with us in the past you can access your profile by signing into our Client Hub.

Quotes and Requests have a turnaround time frame of 2-3 business days. Once a request is received, you will get an email notification confirming your request and a date/time that we expect to visit the property. You will also get a comprehensive plan of service prior to our visit.

Insurance and Training is a large part of what makes us different from other companies available. Clean D Window Cleaning carry's the highest coverage on all lines and spends the most time training and certifying all of our staff. This includes industry-standard training obtained by OSHA CFR 29, Ansi I-14 (window cleaning standards), IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association) training manuals, Aerial Lift certifications, and ongoing training refresher training. This is why Clean D Window Cleaning has never had a safety-related incident or been cited by OSHA in the 15+ years of operation

Once we have completed the our professional cleaning service, a completion email or text message will be sent so you know we have finished and then you can provide feedback if needed. Communication is KEY!

Employee compensation is BAR NONE, the highest in our local market. We care about our staff and hold them to high quality standards. Customer service is important to us, and you will clearly see a difference in attitude and work practices while we are onsite. While our cleaners are efficient, they are also all about the details.

  • Clean D Window Cleaning and Power Washing is all about transparency!
  • We let you know we will be onsite prior to our arrival every time
  • Access to all your account information with ease - Client Portal Hub
  • Completion notification with feedback after every service
  • Highly trained cleaning staff with certifications available upon request
  • A variety of ways to connect with us!
Covid Safety

Covid safety during service - Keeping our communities safe during service

  • Following all CDC guidelines including masks and cleaning tools
  • Sanitize tools daily using disinfectant wipes
  • Wearing a mask when entering facilities or around occupants
  • Social Distancing: Maintaining 6' or more distance from occupants, (including driving separately to all job sites)
  • Temperature check daily prior to starting the work day
  • Instructed all employees to notify us immediately if they have encountered someone with COVID or symptoms.
  • Any employee who may have been in contact with someone who has symptoms has been instructed to stay home.
  • Sanitize tools at the beginning and at the end of each workday
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Quality window washing companies & professional cleaning services in Arizona

Here at Clean D Window Cleaning we train our crew to clean your property in the safest way possible. Don't make the mistake of hiring a cleaning company that does not have the experience needed to provide a safe and effective cleaning that will not damage the service area. Being careful to follow all federal, state and local building safety code requirements. There are other service providers in the Phoenix Area, but our experience combined with proper training and cleaning techniques makes Clean D Window Cleaning the right choice for your cleaning project. Our customer service and dedication to our customers are not easily matched.


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Why choose Clean D Window Cleaning in Arizona for your commercial cleaning needs?

Clean D Window Cleaning has provided exceptional building and facility services to the Phoenix real estate market for 15+ years. Find out why we are the best local cleaning contractor!

We have assisted building owners, facility, and asset managers as well as general contractors with comprehensive reliable service whether you are looking for a one-time service, ongoing maintenance, or consultation with regards to service plans and OSHA Regulations.

Find out why we are the best window cleaning and power washing service provider in the Phoenix and Tucson markets!


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What makes a professional cleaner in Phoenix? Here is what our crews said -

Here at, Clean D Window Cleaning we have trained our cleaning crew and staff to handle any work situation in a professional matter. Recently, we gathered our team and asked them what makes a professional? This is what they said:

  • Being Reliable
  • Showing up on Time
  • Doing the Right Thing
  • Having Good Manners
  • Having Ethics & Morals
  • Being Honest & True
  • Leading by Example
  • Having accountability for your actions
  • Having integrity in your words & actions

Core values create the culture within the organization. It is our commitment to provide a safe and professional place for our employees as well as respect, trust, and value to our customers. It is our goal to set the bar for others to follow in terms of reliability, customer service, and safety in the valley.